Day 8

We didn't have regular classes today because we were going to Oxford! We started early in the morning because it is a 3-hour coach ride from where here. Our guide Johnathan explaining all the history and fun facts behind various places in Oxford University
Do you recognize this lamp post? It is featured Narnia!
Visiting the Pitt Rivers Museum, where history of different cultures are kept
After our tour in Oxford, we headed to where we anticipated the most...
The setting and costumes used in the actual filming of Harry Potter series are shown
Hogwarts here we go!!
Would you like a beer?  It's butter beer~Sweet and creamy and bubbly! YUM!

This marks the end of the Studio Tour
The Warner Brother Harry Potter Studio Tour was incredible! We were like inside the movies! It's too bad we couldn't stay for longer. However, we all enjoyed the tour and we all spent a fortune buying gifts and souvenirs, haha!
After the Harry Potter experience, it's another 3-hour ride on…

Day 7

For the afternoon activity today, was a sport called Croquet. We had no idea what this sport is until we reached the Croquet Club. It is a sport played among a lot of senior people because it doesn't require a lot of running. We thought it would be boring but actually we got excited while playing this game because Croquet is all about strategies rather than strength!

The club members explaining the rules and regulation

Discussing strategies to beat the opposing pair
Nice hit! Girls team won!

We were served cakes, snacks and drinks after 3 rounds of Croquet

Day 6

After lunch, we went on the coach which sent us to Canterbury. It is a little walled-city very close to the St. Martin's Church and St. Augustine's Abbey, which we visited yesterday.
Beautiful view near West Gate of Canterbury
The Canterbury Cathedral was under renovation and was covered up bu scaffolding, therefore we took photo at the front of the gate
A guide led us around the Cathedral and explained the history of various parts of the cathedral and some of the tombs of some kings and archbishops.
This stained glass window tells a very interesting miracle story. Ask one of our tour members if you want to know more!
The artist who made this stained glass window went to work for Mr. Walt Disney as an Imagineer, that's why you can see similar art style at the beginning of the animation Sleeping Beauty and some other Disney productions.
After the visit, we were given some time to do a little shopping, yippie~~

Day 5

After our morning session, we took a coach to a cricket club. We were greeted by Coach Richard. He explained to us that cricket is the second most popular sport in Britain (The No.1 sport in Britain is football of course!).

We were trained like the professional cricket players. During the exercise, we had to have quick reaction and good body coordination.

The exercise which was most fun was the one where we had to move a mat from one end of the gymnasium to the other without using our feet or hands. What we had to do is run and dash onto the mat so it would slide for a distance.

We were shy and gentle at the beginning but as we went on for a few more rounds, we started to show our 'girl power' and even beat the boys team!

Hit it like there's no tomorrow!!!!

GO! GO! GO! run more for more points!
After the exciting cricket time, we walked to the oldest church in England, St. Martin's Church.
St. Martin's Church, the oldest church in England.
We were explained the his…

Day 4

It was a day for working out.
We had our lessons in the morning and had our lunch at around noon.
Having a chat after lunch.

After lunch, we started our afternoon activity - Coastal Walk to Broadstairs. The weather was so nice and the view was amazing! We got to see the beach. Some people were enjoying the summer sun and cool sea breeze. We walked along the coast, watching the waves coming in.

 We walked to Broadstairs and then we stopped at a miniature golf course. We haven't played miniature golf before and it was fun.

We all had a good time. After golfing, we had to walk back to Ramsagate, where we would meet our host family.
It was a wonderful experience although we were all very exhausted at the end of the day!

Day 3

Today is our girls' Host Family day. We did different things with our host families.

Some of us went shopping, some of us went to the cinema and some of us went to the beach! We all had a great time experiencing what Britains do on their weekends.

Looking for something trendy?
Having a tasty ice cream
A break from the shopping!
Looking at some expensive yachts
Quiet walk at the beach
Mood shot of the day! Just like what you see on magazines! haha~

Loving the warm sunny beach!!

Day 2

This is our second day in England and today is our first day of school.
Our classrooms are at the old Science Building of St. Lawrence College.
At the beginning of the lesson, we had to introduce ourselves to the rest of the class.
After that, we had a speaking session and a writing session about travelling.

During the breaks between classes, our teacher took us to a lawn where we could sit and have our snacks. It was very enjoyable as the weather was sunny and warm.

In the afternoon, we took a coach to the Tower Theatre to watch a musical, The Sound of Music. I have watched the movie but this is the first time to see it as a stage performance. I am familiar with one song, 'Do Re Me' as it was the song I sang with my class when we were in secondary 1. It all brought back nice memories when the song came up.

The performers all sang really well and put up a great performance.
Tomorrow is Sunday and we are going to spend the whole day with our host families. Looking forward to it!