Day 13

Today is our last full day of programme. After our morning session followed by our lunch, we walked our way near the Ramsgate beach. The spot we are visiting was the Ramsgate tunnels. It was originally a railway tunnel used in the 1920s and became a shelter for the people in Ramsgate during the First World War. Is was very cold in the tunnel as it is underground. It was also very dark inside even with modern lighting while we were visiting. We just couldn't imagine how people lived there for years during the WWI It's the 'living room for a family. They cooked, made tea and played cards here. This is the 'bedroom' of a family. The rooms were divided by very simple materials A group photo to conclude the day~

Day 12

When it's about cultural immersion, how can we not talk about food culture? Today, after the morning classes, we walked to the other side of the campus to have our cooking class. What are we going to cook??? The evergreen afternoon snack in England -- scones! Rubbing the butter into the flour -- too many cooks?? Haha~ making into a dough Ready to put the doughs into the oven Ta Da!~ our pretty scones... Adding a dollop of cottage cream and strawberry jam, with a cuppa English tea -- PERFECT!

Day 11

We had our regular classes in the morning. We had our regular classes in the morning. After the morning classes, we walked to a place to enjoy another cultural experience -- movie watching! This cinema is HUGE!! This is the movie ticket, just like a supermarket receipt! The movies didn't have English subtitles, which was a bit hard to follow what the characters were saying, but luckily we were watching an animation and is simple enough to understand!

Day 10

It's another Sunday -- Host family day! It feel so good that we don't need to go to school and get to sleep in. We did different things with our host families. Some of us went to the beach, some of us went shopping at Westwood Cross (a big shopping area) and some of us went sightseeing with the host family. We all had a wonderful time during the day and went home for dinner.

Day 9

Today we went to Dover Castle in the afternoon. It is an important castle back in the Medieval Time. Its coast is closest to France so Dover is an important port. The castle was set on the mountain overlooking the harbour. The main gate of the castle Here we march into the castle Interacting with a staff dressing up as a treasurer in the castle A land train taking us to different spots of the castle

Day 8

We didn't have regular classes today because we were going to Oxford! We started early in the morning because it is a 3-hour coach ride from where here. Our guide Johnathan explaining all the history and fun facts behind various places in Oxford University Do you recognize this lamp post? It is featured Narnia! Visiting the Pitt Rivers Museum, where history of different cultures are kept After our tour in Oxford, we headed to where we anticipated the most... Yay!! The setting and costumes used in the actual filming of Harry Potter series are shown Hogwarts here we go!! Would you like a beer?  It's butter beer~Sweet and creamy and bubbly! YUM! This marks the end of the Studio Tour The Warner Brother Harry Potter Studio Tour was incredible! We were like inside the movies! It's too bad we couldn't stay for longer. However, we all enjoyed the tour and we all spent a fortune buying gifts and souvenirs, haha! A

Day 7

For the afternoon activity today, was a sport called Croquet. We had no idea what this sport is until we reached the Croquet Club. It is a sport played among a lot of senior people because it doesn't require a lot of running. We thought it would be boring but actually we got excited while playing this game because Croquet is all about strategies rather than strength! The club members explaining the rules and regulation Discussing strategies to beat the opposing pair Nice hit! Girls team won! We were served cakes, snacks and drinks after 3 rounds of Croquet